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Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch

Charitable organizations can only survive through donations, and it's important to be informative and transparent when you're asking for help from the public.  This video served to show the growth and progress of the charity while working to help injured veterans find a way back to a normal life through fitness and community.     

Guardian Haven Special Needs Re-Opening

2020 was a tough year for many businesses, especially those who care for families with special needs.  This video was created to inform current and prospective members of their re-opening while following safety protocols set forth during the 2020 year.

Grand Masters RX Testimonials

Thriving in your senior years is often quantified by a large retirement savings. but without independence those "Golden Years" may be confined to a sedentary existence.  Regular fitness benefits all humans into your 90's.         

USA Olympian Kayla Harrison

One of the most decorated champions in the sport of judo Kayla set the standard on her journey to US Olympic Gold.  Her path is filed with sacrifice, hardship, and sheer determination that has led her to success while paving the way for others to follow.

Special Olympics TV Commercial

Working closely with special needs organizations I was asked to recreate a tv commercial that previously aired for their Orlando event, reworked to represent a similar event at Adventure Island in Tampa.

Fitness Event Promotion

When creating an event it's important to reach your maximum attendance.  Creating an informative promotional video is the first step towards success.        


Some of my favorite photos

Here's a small collection of some memorable photo moments.

Live Photobooth

If you want a truly inclusive experience at your next event nothing brings out laughter and smiles more than a red carpet live photobooth.  

My Experience

I have been a media producer for many years, starting back in the 80's.  As a teen I loved shooing with my film camera or my portable VHS recorder, often creating stories and capturing special moments of those in front of my lens. 

I specialize in all forms of media production as a full service provider.  I can help bring your vision to life.  My work can be found promoting many businesses in the Tampa Bay Area and throughout the state of Florida.  My level of commitment and drive to deliver the very best content is well known, and is a proven formula for success.  It's a proven fact; my work increases the value of your business. 

As you look through my photography you will notice that I thrive when managing media services for large scale events.  Whether a "one man media show" or commanding a team of 10+ creatives, I excel in high pressure situations when the moment needs to be captured. 

In searching for ways to create my own living in media I have pioneered and perfected a system of photo coverage unique in the world of large scale events.  My system is responsible for helping dozens of photographers in the US and beyond make a fair living using my photo system.  I am proud and humbled by the fact that I help others make a living offering media services.

If you would like to schedule a call please send me an email.  

Thank You

Jay Knickerbocker

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