The Fine Print

If you sign up for photos you must check in with my photo team on the day of your event.  Follow the instructions below.



You Must Check In with the photography team on "game day", AND before your first workout.

You Must Show Your Receipt or Check In Email via cell phone.


Before the event I or my team will be EITHER at athlete check in for the event OR if the event is started I will be at athlete staging before each heat.  We will check in you ANYWHERE we meet.

If this is an indoor event in a larger venue, perhaps a 2 day event, I may have vendor booth or a LIVE FREE PHOTOBOOTH as my check in area.  Bring all your friends over to get FREE fun photos and enjoy a wonderful photo experience.  

Each athlete will be marked with a unique identifying symbol to signify you have signed up for media coverage. If you don't have these symbols, you will not be photographed. No refunds will be given if you fail to check in before the first workout to receive symbols.


I and/or my team will take a ton of photos, and I guarantee no less than 5 high quality photos per athlete, but you can expect more. We do not guarantee photos of any specific movement or workout, and we will do our best to shoot a wide variety throughout the day. Floater events that occur during scheduled main events may not be covered. Photo Delivery: I edit photos as quickly as possible and once complete they will be uploaded to galleries on my website. You will be notified via email when they are ready and I will provide the gallery link.


Participation in this photo package is an express acknowledgement that Jay Knickerbocker Photography, any partner photographers, and the event owners have the athlete's consent to use these photos in a commercial capacity. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright: I just want to say I am not the type to person who goes crazy when I find my images being used commercially without my permission. If you're posting to your personal social media account and sharing your life and message, I'm totally fine with that. That said, copyright law is a thing, so please do not use any for commercial use i.e. advertising your business, without my permission. If you're making cash money by advertising with my images then it's only fair you pay me a portion of your profits. The photos obtained by the athlete through this package may not be used by the athlete or anybody else for commercial purposes. If the athlete has sponsors or corporate partners who may want to use these photos for commercial purposes, they may contact Jay Knickerbocker for licensing options.

Thank You!

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