When will the photos be ready?

How will I get my photos?

Depending upon the size of the event it can take at least one full week after the event has ended.  Example: the event finishes end of day Sunday, Monday becomes day one of the editing process taking at least 7 days to complete.  This is our job and we take it very seriously, and always do our best to deliver asap.

Once any photos are ready you will receive an email with the gallery link(s).  When you click the link in your email you will find galleries of your event.  Find your specific gallery and download your photos.  

Why does it take 7 days to edit?

How do I download my photos?

We love photos and take a lot of them, but we can't share them all.  The bad ones need to be "culled" and discarded.  Yes, pro photographers take bad photos.  It happens.  And we also know how to capture the very best of you in abundance.  So please give us time to look at thousands of photos until they are perfect.  We appreciate your patience during this time and we guarantee it will be worth the wait.  

For my website, once you click into your specific gallery and find a photo you want simply click it.  You will see a download symbol that looks like an arrow, a common style of "download button".  Repeat this process for more photos until you are done.  For larger events with multiple photographers it may be different depending upon their website design.  I can only speak for my own.  

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