Hello Louisiana!  I would like to thank you for welcoming us to your competition!!!  Barbell VoodDoo Gulf Coast Games has asked myself and Carlos Bown to give you the very best photo service possible.  What is our photo service?  

Photo Sign Up vs. "Event Media" 

Many competitions only have a couple people to be "Event Media".  It's common those photographers only shoot the highest profile athletes, which is good for marketing, but leaves 90% of the athletes without photos. Not good.

Our Photo Sign Up is the system we use, and it's for those of you who want guaranteed high quality photos from professional photographers, who also LOVE CrossFit!!!  When you sign up with us you get our entire team covering you throughout the competition.  Within a week you'll receive gallery links to all your photos.  It couldn't be any easier! 

Don't miss out!  See you soon!

Thank You.  

Jay K.

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

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