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The Vanguard Fitness Competition will be one of the largest inaugural events in history.  The photos from this event will be amazing, featuring swim events at an awesome venue!  

I am brining another All Star Media Team to cover this event.  Myself, Carlos Bown, Elaine Varona, Frank C Photos, Monica Mitry, and possible more!  With this photo package you get the very best!  

It's just pennies on the dollar for our photo services.  Is this your first competition, or do you have members who'd love a photo gift?  Do you want the best for social media, or simply track your progress and memories?  These are all great reasons to purchase a photo package today!

For this event I will bring the Live Free Photobooth.  100% free photos for everyone, as many as you like all weekend!!!  Make sure you stop by and see us!!! 

Thank You

Jay Knickerbocker

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

Jay Knickerbocker Photography

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