Festivus Games. I remember shooting my first one, years ago. The Friday prior I was at a photoshoot with a bunch of famous athletes and media colleagues alike. They wanted me to come shoot with them on Saturday, but I was already booked at a local gym.

"I can't go" I said. "I have a comp, Festivus Games". To which one of my colleagues scoofed...

"pfft, that's not a comp'"!

Confused... I was like, "what". Well I thought it looked like a competition. Never been to one, so I guess I'll find out.

Festivus Games is a worldwide, simultaneous one day fitness event, for the most amazing group of people. The everyday person who's just trying to make a better life through a newfound love for fitness.

I stared my fitness photo career in 2013, and I can't tell you how many photos I've shot. Since then I've shot every Wodapalooza, countless competitions, and even The CrossFit Games for HQ.

The truth is; I am happiest when I'm home with friends and family, shooting local competitions in my own "back yard" of Florida. Without that community we don't have as many gyms. Without gyms... well... people aren't getting fit and improving their lives, and I wouldn't have amazing competitions to shoot.

Festivus Games is a great event to host. It's one of the best and largest competitions on this planet... in my humble experience.

Jay K.

Festivus Games 2020 At Burg CrossFit North

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