The end of an era; The Bacon Beatdown is no more.  These photos will commemorate the many years of fun, fitness and excitement that can only happen because of this amazing community.  Thank you for  competing and signing up for our photo services. 

Below you will find web links to your photos, one link for each photographer.  We have thousands of photos to share with you, and they are yours to keep, share, post on socials, print and hang on the wall.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy each and every one. 

NOTE: this is a private webpage.  I will only share this page with those who have purchased photo services.  We ask you share only with any teammate or athletes that are within these galleries. 

If you have any questions or concern please email me directly at:

Thank You

- Jay Knickerbocker

Download Instructions

Click any weblink to go to that photographer's webpage.  From there you will notice a pattern of organization.  The photos are spread out over several galleries and then listed by the day, the WOD, and a "timestamp". 

Example:  Fri WOD 1 8-10am.  Therefore if you competed on Friday and your WOD 1 heat time was 9am, then you will be in this folder.  The same applies for WOD 2, WOD 3, etc; look for your heat time on the corresponding gallery.  If you do not see a gallery listed by a specific photographer then they did not shoot that day or WOD.  

There are a ton of amazing photos, and you have to scroll through to find all of your own; it'll be well worth it.  My photo teams always deliver more photos than asked and YOU are the ones that benefit.  Once you find your photos simply click, download, and enjoy. 

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