My name is Jay Knickerbocker.  I am a Tampa based content creator that creates high quality advertising and marketing material for local business.  I specialize in video production, event media management and photo services, live red carpet photo booth experience, and more.  Many also see me shooting photos at a local fitness competition. 

How do we work together?  Maybe to tell a story about your company, create a video or series of videos; or revamp your entire web page and social media presence with updated photos. Perhaps you're hosting a large event and want to create a red carpet experience or a media press party for your guests.    

I help you make your best first impression  If you like what I produce and think I will represent you well, I thank you for the opportunity and hope to meet your soon.  

Untitled photo

Photography is the art of capturing moments, expressing emotion, conveying expertise, documenting history.  If you have special moments you want to cherish forever, or if you have products you want to sell at highest possible value, or you have an event you want to document...  I can do this and more.  

Adult w/ Special Needs

For families that have Special Needs, it is a huge benefit finding services that improve their quality of life.  I advocate for these groups with with my video production services, doing whatever I can within their budget.  

Welcome to CrossFit Sabal Park

Owning a small business in a saturated market makes it tough to stand out.  I believe the best impression is a nice smile and a good handshake, and I help create a digital first impression you can be proud of.  

US Judo Champion

US Olympian Kayla Harrison is the first American to win a Gold Medal in the history of the sport of judo.  Her incredible passion for her sport, dedication to her skill, and ability to overcome incredible hardship; she is truly the definition of a champion.  I was honored to have an interview with her before her $1 million dollar New Year's Eve MMA victory.  

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